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Board of Advisors

Scientific Advisers & Supporters

Landmark 81 seen from below in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

CarBio Therapeutics will open up a future of liberation from the fear of incurable diseases through the development of 4th generation anti-cancer CAR-T immunotherapy


Heon-Ju Lee   CEO/Doctor of Science


  • BS & MS in Microbiology, Seoul National University

  • PhD in Genetic toxicology, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

  • R&D Team Leader at CJ CheilJedang, Samsung Medical Center Biotechnology Research Center

  • Director at Safety Evaluation Research Center Toxic Test Research Center /Head of the Health Industry Education Division of the Health and Welfare Human Resources Development Institute 

  • R&D General Chief at Biocure Pharm Co., Ltd., Optipharm Co., Ltd., CarBio Therapeutics Co., Ltd.  CAR-T cell therapy development, preclinical research, and xeno-organ transformation


  • Director of Planning and R&D

  • Technology Marketing Strategy



This is Heon-Ju Lee the CEO of CarBio Therapeutics Co., Ltd.

Being called a "dream cure", and as a miracle treatment, it is expected to save 30% of patients who are likely to die in the current medical environment. Carbiotherapeutics Co., Ltd. was established to treat refractory cancer patients with anti-cancer CAR-T immune cell therapy.

Cancer treatment in recent years is evolving to a new level, with a method that effectively destroys cancer cells using the body's immune mechanism. One of them is the CAR-T cell therapy which is being called a 'Dream Treatment' as a living-drug and serial cancer cell killer which demonstrates the possibility of cure for cancer with superior efficacy over existing antibody drugs. 

Therefore, we are collaborating with innovative and outstanding researchers to develop anti-cancer CAR-T cell therapy that can be used for patient treatment.


We, Carbiotherapeutics, will grow into a leading company in future biotechnology such as Sanofi and Pasteur Laboratory and grow into a global CAR-T immune cell therapy company.

Thank you.

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